(Written on June 2016)

  • if you want to add custom logs just create new config file in “/etc/google-fluentd/config.d” folder – based on existing conf files
  • after that you must restart google-fluentd service
  • web interface has delays until you will see changes there
    • new lines from log files can appear with delay even several minutes
    • new log tag in list box with all logs can appear even after half an hour 🙂
  • you can grab data forwarded from other fluentd installations on instances on different cloud providers – just add new “source” – the same config as in td-agent
  • upgrade: sudo apt-get install –only-upgrade google-fluentd google-fluentd-catch-all-config
  • to install new plugins use command like this:
    sudo /opt/google-fluentd/embedded/bin/fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-postgres